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My friend the death

Burry the joy

Burry the fear


Here I go, on my own

I’m living in the dark

And now my fear has grown

I see the light and turn my back

But who is it, who frightens me ?

Who burries me, unearthes me ?


Still staring at the grave

Looking for every mistake

Feeling sorry for what I gave

Running away for my own sake

Should I cry one more time ?

Will it break all the pain ?

And atone for my crime ?


I will give all my fears to the past

I will break the chains of sadness

For life is too fast

To stay in distress

I will give all my joy to future

I will burry the past with all my fears

For pride isn’t the cure

To my folly and tears…


Eva Dor, 6 juin 2014